• Cancer research

Breast cancer continues to be the most common cancer in women in Australia with 17 586 women expected to be diagnosed this year alone.* 

Your support of Mater Chicks in Pink through the RACQ International Women's Day Fun Run, will help Mater’s researchers take their findings from the bench to the bedside as quickly as possible, and share them globally to improve healthcare around the world.

One person trying to improve the health outcomes of women with breast cancer is Dr Patricia Carreira whose research focuses on understanding how a breast tumour spreads to other parts of the body.

The long term goal is to develop a tool to identify which are the tumours that are more likely to spread and how to best treat that tumour from the very start.

Dr Carreira mentions “Not every cancer spreads, but the ones that do are very serious. If we could identify these tumours early on, the chances of treating them would be much better.”

Thanks to genetic research, there’s so much our researchers are now learning, and it’s an incredibly exciting time. Having this information available has already helped our researchers learn so much more about cancer cells, and will help them continue to improve how we treat it.

Your support can ensure the long-term funding for the continuation of this important work.


“I now know how important it is for people to support breast cancer research. This is the area where the greatest impact can be made, and so many people are working towards a cure one day.”


Melissa, diagnosed age 39. 




*Cancer Australia, 2017. 

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