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Meet our ambassadors


Carolyn Attwood
Breast Cancer Patient and Event Advocate

Carolyn is brave at heart. Alongside good friend Christel, Carolyn has volunteered to be one of our breast cancer ambassadors for this year’s event–helping to raise funds for breast cancer research and sharing her story to inspire others. At 34, Carolyn was diagnosed with breast cancer and faced many challenges. She recalls all she wanted was the chance to see her three kids (William 6, Jonathan 10, Beth 12) grow up. She didn’t want to die. Carolyn’s commitment to others continues to this day. She has declared she is not much of a runner but will run in celebration of all the women and men who have been affected by breast cancer. “It can be very overwhelming to face alone,” she said “but if we rally together as a community and show our support we can make a real difference.





Christel Lindsay
Breast Cancer Patient and Event Advocate

Christel’s bubbly personality inspires everyone who meets her. But behind her big smile and warm heart, Christel sadly reflects on the many women who lost their lives to breast cancer and how lucky she was to detect her cancer early. Christel, a wife and mother of seven year old Emma, was diagnosed in 2016 at the age of 37 years. Christel faced many difficult moments throughout her journey; from losing friends along the way, to having her daughter experience the impacts of her cancer at such a young age. During Christel’s treatment she met Carolyn and the two, have been friends ever since. Along with Carolyn, Christel has bravely shared her story as an ambassador for this year’s event.  Christel said “It is important for us all to support those with breast cancer and raise funds to ensure that children, like my daughter, do not experience a breast cancer diagnosis in the future.” 



Melissa Magoffin
Breast Cancer Patient and Event Advocate

Melissa is one of our event’s special breast cancer patients and advocates for breast cancer research. In 2017, at 39 years old, this wife and mother of two children (boy and girl aged 6 and 4) was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has faced many challenges during her difficult journey but her resilience continues to shine through.  She is currently one of the top fundraisers for 2018. (Yay, go girl!) Melissa and her family and friends have teamed up for this year’s event to increase community support for women with breast cancer.  Melissa strongly believes ‘the more attention something gets, the more likely it is to raise funds, and those funds can in turn help those find a cure for cancer or support them in their journey.” 


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