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A staggering 15 600 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia in the last year alone—that’s 42 women every single day.*

Many of these women, and their families, will be treated and supported at Mater.

To help alleviate the huge emotional and financial burden that comes with a cancer diagnosis they need your help—so they can focus on the moments that matter most.

With your help, this year Mater Chicks in Pink want to honour these women by raising enough funds to provide 15 600 support items. These items will help women battling breast cancer who are treated at Mater.

You can make an immediate impact today for these women by funding tangible and timely support services like house cleaning, counselling and mastectomy bras.

For as little as $35 you can take some of the stress off women with breast cancer and their families, so they can focus on what matters most—their loved ones.

Today you can make an immediate impact!

Provide a woman who has undergone surgery to remove one or both of her breasts, with house cleaning services, to reduce her physical and financial burden. 

Women like Grace, who—with a young family to care for—needed the physical support of a carer while she recovered from surgery to help her with most basic but necessary tasks, like cleaning her  family home.

Read more of Grace’s story here. 



Provide emotional support to women and their families when it's needed most, funding specially designed counselling programs. 

Women like Simone, who found a lump in her breast at just 32 years old. 

One of Simone's best friends Katherine tells of the impact of a breast cancer diagnosis on family and friends here. 



Provide a beautiful mastectomy bra to help restore a woman’s sense of self after breast surgery. 

Women like Val, whose daughter Jane was worried that her mum's mastectomy would take away from her womanhood. 

Read more of Val’s story here.




Provide counselling to a terminally ill woman, to help her create a Memory Box for her family.

Women like Jenny, who with the support of a qualified counsellor, created a ‘Memory Box’ for her family and friends, with memories and advice to help them through the milestones she would miss.

Read about the impact this had on Jenny's friend Anne here. 


*Source: Cancer Australia, 2015

Our Target:
15 600 Support Items

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